10 Great YouTube Channels for High School Students

September 18, 2022
KP Team

When I was in school, I did well but there were certain subjects I needed extra help with. I didn’t always have time for a tutor. I also didn’t have time to delve into volumes of library books on a particular topic, as I tried to uncover the specific information I needed for a single assignment. It was overwhelming at times.

Our parents had it much harder. Depending on how old yours are, they may have had no internet or very limited access. It’s nothing like today where limitless information is at our fingertips.

YouTube is great for entertainment, videos on fashion tips, how to get a girl to notice you, or even the evolution of dance! But what it also offers is a plethora of valuable academic shortcuts, tutorials, and summaries to help you learn information easier.

10 Game-Changing YouTube Channels That are Perfect for High School Students

1. Mental Floss

This channel is a fun and satisfying experience! Mental Floss  produces lists of fun facts, debunks common misconceptions, and tells untold stories from history, science, culture and more. It would be hard to sum it up since the videos are as varied as the channel’s subscribers. They fill you in on the history of mashed potatoes, common misconceptions of the 1920s, the real origins of 20 scary stories, 32 ways school was different 100 years ago, and 70 bizarre facts about historical figures, to name a few! It’s not only fun, but quite educational and may spark some good ideas for an essay or speech.

2. Motivation2Study

Sometimes we all need a little motivation to set down the remote and go discover our best selves. This channel is a great aid for doing just that. Motivation2Study is full of motivational videos that help build confidence, beat procrastination, and break bad habits. Whether you need help starting an assignment that’s been looming over you for a while, or whether you are simply wondering what your purpose is in life, this channel is sure to have something for everyone.  

3. Crash Course

The team at Crash Course has produced over 30 courses on a variety of subjects such as organic chemistry, world history, biology, and literature. The channel is run (and narrated) by John Green, the popular young adult author of books like The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns. The videos break down subjects into fun, palatable bites that don’t take up much of your time, but still get the information across to give you a thorough understanding of the subject matter.

4. Ted ed

This channel offers educational videos in animated form. They cover topics like language and grammar, writing, math, coding, health, science, and history. Ted ed is an extension of Ted, and teaches us on a simple, yet effective level so we can see everyday materials and topics in fresh, more insightful ways. They even cover things like superhero science, why we love, and include fun riddles to break down.

5. Khan Academy

Practice problems, articles, and videos help you in physics, history, math, grammar, economics, and more! Khan Academy even offers SAT test prep courses that are a great free tool for anyone looking for a boost in science or math, for example.    

6. Video SparkNotes

While the channel doesn’t have a ton of video content, what they do have is awesome.  Video Sparknotes breaks down the books in a way that is easy enough for a child to understand. Sure, their graphics aren’t anything to write home about, but that’s not really what you’re watching the video for anyway. If you want a much clearer (and faster) understanding of books like, The Great Gatsby, Frankenstein, and The Scarlet Letter, this channel is great. It also helps you break down Shakespeare, which we could all use a little help understanding.

7. History

For reliable historical storytelling, this channel is the place to go. They not only cover the classic textbook content like early explorers, U.S. leaders, and major historical events, but also fun things like ancient aliens, Vikings, Appalachian outlaws, lost worlds, and rare fossils. History proves way more interesting that the average textbook, trust me!

8. MathHelp

If Math is stressing you out, Math Help can assist you. They offer videos for middle school students, up through college, including Math test prep. The videos are a lot like sitting in a classroom and are kind of dry…but then again, Math isn’t all that easy to make exciting, right? If you need help with the intricacies of Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus, this channel has plenty of videos to pick from.

9. MathandScience

For more in-depth lessons on the challenging elements of Algebra, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, and Engineering, Math and Science is your go-to channel. I’ll warn you: Most of the videos are long, boring (unless you love Math) and don’t include any fun graphics and catchy music and visuals. However, you probably didn’t expect that on a channel called MathandScience.  

10. Charisma on Command

Finally, for tips on how to be more popular, confident, and deliver outstanding speeches and presentations, check out Charisma on Command. They teach you how to quit wasting your time, make your life count, and have healthier, more productive relationships. You’ll find videos on mastering body language, becoming a better leader, and even how to flirt. This channel is great because high school (and college) are not just about being book smart. To survive (and even thrive) you need to understand how people think, what makes a person successful, and how to present your best self in every situation.

Good Luck on this year and let us know what other channels our customers might be interested in!

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