How to Have an Epic Spring Break!

September 18, 2022
KP Team

Too Broke For An Epic Spring Break?

No Such Thing!

In the movies, it’s unheard of for college kids to have anything less than a legendary Spring Break experience that leaves them all refreshed, enlightened, and ready to conquer the world! In almost every case, it’s on the perfect beach, too. In real life, many of us have obligations like family and jobs that make going away for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation in March impractical. For others, getting a week off for travel isn’t the problem, so much as coming up with enough Benjamin’s to do so.

Here are 4 awesome spring break ideas for college students on a tight budget

1. Road Trip: Can’t afford a plane ticket? Consider getting a small group together, pooling your resources, and taking a memorable road trip. This idea works for even the smallest budgets since most people live 1-8 hours from a really cool city/beach/area that they don’t get to often, rendering it a new and exciting adventure. $$ Tip: Use whichever car gets the best gas mileage, pack food, pick a city where one of you knows someone who will let you couch surf, and do a quick Google search on “Free Things to Do in (insert city).”

2. Staycation: Not everyone travels for Spring Break. If, for whatever reason, you can’t jet off to Cancun or Puerto Rico, fear not! Most people live minutes to about an hour from the nearest city. Do some research on fun things you’ve never tried in the city nearest you. That could be a museum, old movie theater, tour an old church or cathedral, go to a farmer’s market, get lost in a beautiful library, or on a remote hiking trail. Spring Break isn’t as much about leaving the state (or country) as it is getting some much-needed R&R from the hard work you’ve put in so far at school. $$ Tip: Take a city walking tour, stay in and read a classic novel, pack a picnic dinner and watch the sunset, or stroll through downtown and window shop.

3. Find Cheap Countries To Visit: The most popular places like Europe, for example, are often the most expensive. If you’re willing to go off the beaten path, here’s a great blog post that shows you tons of countries that you can vacation on less than $35 a day!

4.Be A Homebody: Before you get mad at something so basic, I put it in here in case you’re anything like me and actually want to stay in and need solidarity to reinforce your choice! When you stay home, not only do you save money, but you catch up on sleep, which is often hard to come by at school. Not only that, you get to spend time with family and friends, pets, eat home-cooked meals, binge your favorite Netflix series, and sleep in your own bed. You can go tanning or use a self-tanning cream if you want that “Cancun glow,” get a massage, get a manicure, go to the movies, shower in the privacy of your own home, and just be lazy for a week or so after all the hard work you invested in the semester so far.

Like I said, some people have unlimited money for a Spring Break worthy of telling their future grandchildren about. Great for them…and you if that’s the case! But for everyone else, it’s still possible to have a super vacation on a shoestring budget, or even stay in if that’s your cup of tea. Either way, the point is to rest up and recharge so you can come back to school and finish the semester strong! You don’t have to go broke doing that. You don’t have to fight crowds, traffic, or suffer jetlag either. An epic trip is possible regardless of your limitations or preferences.

Now Go Design The Spring Break That Works For YOU!

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