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Marie studied international business & creative writing in undergrad and received her bachelor's in 2016. She has had a love for writing since she was young and helped her friends edit their own papers throughout high school, college, and beyond. She currently has published two novels and has 4 more in the process of being published.

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Marie has worked for Killer Papers for several years, and with her educational background in English and Business, she’s got a breadth of knowledge she adds to each and every paper. After receiving her bachelor’s in 2016, she’s worked teaching English to children abroad, while also tutoring and working with clients as extensive as Master’s students completing their MBA projects. As an avid scholar and writer, she’s worked on anything from creative writing short stories for publication to MBA reports and bachelor’s capstones and theses. She also has extensive experience with copywriting and manuscript preparation, having worked with clients on various ghostwriting tasks. Marie’s commitment to client needs and research makes her a favorite and a go-to for many of our clients.

Jun 24, 2022
Yooo I just wanna say Marie is great, I messaged her with a 5 page MLA form essay request about 7 hours before I needed it, in the middle of the night, and she got back with me and was able to write it in two hours, an hour well before I needed to head to class, she was super helpful n fantastic!!
Nov 09, 2022
Marie wrote me an amazing essay! U guys r awesome!
Mar 03, 2023
Have been using this service for years and I literally received my latest essay YESTERDAY (thanks Marie). Literally would not be able to graduate without your help. Thank you for existing.